A twitter alert reminded me

Whilst scanning through Twitter on Friday morning for last minute questions for my radio spot. I came across a tweet posted by someone, with Type 1 diabetes (pancreas not producing natural insulin) and her insulin delivered via a pump.

‘Since getting the new insulin pump, I have an appreciation for pockets.’

 I smiled because it took me back to last August Bank Holiday, my family including grandchildren, were out for the day at Ingleton Falls when a young couple jogged past.

 The young lady, tall slim with her midriff showing and a noticeable subcutaneous needle and catheter taped to her back. I instantly recognised it as part of her insulin pump, delivering insulin as and when it was required.

 My daughter looked at me oddly as I smiled and she looked somewhat embarrassed as she stared. I whispered ‘diabetes – insulin pump’. My daughter caringly said ‘she must be really bad’. I replied ‘No she will have more control, her diabetes possibly hadn’t been so easy to regulate via pen devices’.

 In my mind I wanted to say to this young woman ‘Well done you!’ Who had educated you, supported through your diagnosis and acceptance, given you the most positive of attitudes. In my assumption, she obviously had totally accepted her diabetes, it wasn’t a secret, if anything she was shouting out loud and clear I have Diabetes – so what!

 I am not saying that all those living with diabetes do this because each person is different. We all have our own coping mechanisms.

 What I am saying is be proud, it is hard work 24/7 when dealing with the diagnosis diabetes be it Type 1 or Type 2 and path it takes you along.

© 14 May 2014 MC

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