Last night, I was advised by someone who tweets regularly to follow #ourD at 8pm. I had been asking for questions for my new monthly @ChatCityPFM radio broadcast, all day yesterday via Social Media.

The subject last night on #ourD, was ‘Eating Disorders and Diabetes’ I gained such amazing insight and a kick up the BTM!

It was astounding at how many who were involved in the conversations didn’t feel confident to ask questions or advice from their Health Care Professionals, especially relevant questions applicable to them.

There were concerns about time, not being taking seriously, some even felt that when their diabetes care could not be controlled felt they had let everyone down including their self.

Over-emotional I have been called but this truly saddened me, can you imagine the total frustration felt by those with diabetes sat in front of Health Care Professionals without insight or empathy.

When I came into nursing all those years ago, it was drummed into me that I was the advocate of those in my care. On re-qualifying I was again taught to look at a person holistically and to deliver holistic care. I wasn’t alone in those classrooms and I know from colleagues of my generation and since we were taught the same.

So where have these ideals gone?

I am not perfect and I am well aware of this but one thing I do know is that diabetes control is not only affected by the intake or not of foods but also the stresses and strains of everyday living.

As Health Care Professionals we need to regain the trust of the person in front of us, every time we meet because we do not truly know what is going on in their lives.

Set appointment times and government agendas are not making the situation easier.

The clue is in the name, Health Service a service for Health, as Health Care Professionals we can only enable optimal health but to do this we need to engage and listen to the person living with diabetes or any Long Term Condition for that matter.

Sometimes as a Health Care Professional, the job can feel really hard and exhausting, but the person living with the condition, do so 24 hours 7 days week, we as a Health Care professional will at the most have 30 minutes of insight if you are lucky.

I don’t have the answers but making that person leave your Consultation with a smile makes it easier for them to come again and gives them the confidence to cope.

© 27 August 2014 MC

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