‘Health is wealth’

 I found this on today’s BBC News feed and found it somewhat ironic.

 Last week I attended ‘Health is wealth’ Conference in Liverpool.

 At first, like many, I thought it was going to be about making revenue from health. A very touchy subject at the moment, as our NHS struggles on to survive.

 It wasn’t it was about appreciating the most precious gift we have “Good Health” for those of us lucky enough.

 It was about preserving “Good health”, preventing or finding ways to alleviate and cope with ‘Bad health’.

Looking at and encouraging innovation in maintaining someone’s health.

 Sounds an easy enough task but when you read the above link, you then realise it isn’t at all because we all take for granted our good health.

 Ask anyone who suffers with any form of ill health, being knocked off your feet for a week with “flu” to those suffering with some form of long term condition (LTC), it is no fun at all.

We all know what we need to do and as we struggle with our good intentions of New Year Resolutions.

 Resolve to ensure not to take for granted your good health and remember in the words of Ian Buchanan’s grandmother “Health is Wealth”.

© 27 January 2015 MC

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