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I am going to be promoting 1 to 1 education sessions.

Over the past few months I have been retraining and learning new skills as a Practice Nurse but my inbedded skills as a Diabetes Specialist Nurse have always been at the forefront.

The skills of empathy and understanding the issues that come with life in general.

The main thing that I feel has been of most importance is being able to balance experience, theory and practice.

I love and am loving the interaction of self and the person coping with their diabetes, I am a real people lover and see diabetes as something that needs to integrate into the persons life, thus creating self-care practices.

Self-care and empowerment are the most difficult things to comprehend, taking control of your life and diabetes can feel like mumbo jumbo but I have learnt over the years that time, laughter and helping a person understand that actions always have repercussions, postively not negatively.

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