Learning new skills….

For a long time, I have felt like I have been wandering alone in the dark, have you ever felt like that?
I have noticed since to part-time work and changing roles, how relaxed I am.
I have always had an admiration for the Practice Nurse, involved with General Nursing and in fact a specialist of many conditions.
In my new role I am in total awe of my colleague and Senior Practice Nurse of some 18 years and have no embarrassment in asking her for advice.
On my new journey, I have had to learn new skills, up to now…
You may laugh but the taking of blood (phlebotomy) absolutely frightened the life out of me.
The thought of hurting someone and taking something from them…. Well, not interested, and caused great merriment in the Practice….
Now I do it without thinking, and I have to say very proud of myself.
Next has been ‘Sexual Health and Contraception’, what can I say it is not as easy as it first looks and girls if I knew then what I know now, I would never have gone near a man….
Soon I will have ‘Immunisation and Vaccination’, just the paperwork is enough the scare me death.
Followed by the learning and understanding of Asthma, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and Spirometry.
How exciting, have again always been petrified by the mysteries of the chest and lungs.
I hear you say but you understand Diabetes, can I say not only understand but get totally overjoyed at revealing a positive HbA1c…. Yes, fairly evident I am a wimp, who has safely hid behind her love of diabetes.
I have had a brief introduction into what must come from an amazing trainer and speaker Jon Bell, from Canday Medical Ltd.
Who educated me, and colleagues, in the art form of the ‘Inhaler Technique’ and the different types.
To quote him ‘If you’re not doing it properly, it’s not working properly’
Jon’s enthusiasm for his inhalers and techniques in use, matched my passion for diabetes – Sad, I know…
Yet what Jon informed us, is completely correct, as you would expect.
I have met an asthmatic sufferer who runs 20-30 miles a week, as well as holds an extremely physical job. In their words very rarely uses the emergency inhaler and feels the running has expanded their lung capacity. Their technique is correct and they are receiving the correct dosage.
These feel good stories need documenting and sharing.
Diabetes, in my view, it’s not just about the pancreas.
It’s about the knock-on effects to the rest of the body, it’s about the person as an individual and how it affects the person sat in front of you.
How looking at the total picture can stop a misdiagnosis?
How indulging, not even over-indulging in Christmas celebrations can alter a HbA1c, hypo’s, infections, stress, bereavement anything that knocks you off balance and has an affect on results.
Always important to Hear as well as Listen.
I am loving my new journey, and I am loving utilising my skills, the feel-good factor, when driving home from work.
Chronic disease management is about the individual not just the condition.
Hope you have had a GREAT Christmas and 2019 brings all you wish yourself and others.

copyright MEC/DDCUK 28/12/18

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