Missed opportunity!

Last night, Saturday 30th January 2016, whilst at a friend’s house, I received a message from another friend asking me to watch The Jonathon Ross Show, where Johnny Vegas was talking about diabetes in a comical fashion.

 So today I took a look for myself, via The ITV Hub, yes entertaining and funny but what an amazing diabetes health education opportunity missed.

 Johnny Vegas had been approached by a ‘diabetes association’ to present at an event assuming wrongly that he lived with diabetes – he made it very clear he doesn’t. He went on to express the trauma of every time he has a health check Health Professionals appeared disappointed by his lack of diagnosis – talk about stigma!

 He laughs it off by saying ‘…… I am just a fat git!’

 Then without coaxing, James Norton (actor from War and Peace BBC) shared that he does have diabetes and expresses that there are two types of diabetes – end of the conversation.

I know it was and is a light entertainment show but I have to say I was so disappointed that more information wasn’t revealed.

 James Norton clearly a successful young actor and very obviously, diabetes aware. If he had just been asked the right questions by Jonathon Ross, such clarity in a positive way about diabetes could have ensued.

 Maybe next time!

 First published LinkedIn, 31 January 2016

© 9 February 2016 MC

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