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I have to admit on leaving the NHS, learning to promote myself via social media has been the biggest learning curve.

Facebook reasonably easy, I had used it as a way of catching up with friends, family and basic interests. I had set up a business page on Facebook before so I have done so again – company page Diabetes Complete Care UK.

 Twitter, (@DiabetesCCUK) I had an account but because I had a deficit in understanding how it worked or how it could help promote myself and my company I attended a specific workshop. Led by Naomi Timperley and Andy Jackson – I have never looked back.

 My biggest fear has always been LinkedIn, and to be honest, on attending social media events, everyone says the same.

 At one such event in Manchester, I met Andy Preston and heard him speak, standing in front of us and so full of confidence and eloquently bestowing LinkedIn’s merits. He made it all sound so simple.

 As always, it has taken until today and a conversation with Ashley Hurst, PA to The Purple Angel website. For me to realise that LinkedIn has been a gift to me. I have virtually met and had conversations with some amazing people, courageously connected and contacted persons who are some of this country’s renowned leaders.

Found opportunities for my company, most importantly been able to promote and share others amazing works.

Today I have finally written a post, which I have been encouraged to do for the last 2 years.

 So you see if I can be brave enough so can you. It doesn’t matter if no one reads or comments it. It is the fact that you faced your fear and came out the other side.

 First published 14 May 2015 LinkedIn

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