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Diabetes Complete Care Ltd is delighted to have been invited to collaborate with Connect Health Solutions in its on-going operation to establish the glucose monitor throughout the UK’s medical community.
 Connect Health Solutions UK has successfully introduced to the NHS, a new, innovative GSM based blood glucose monitoring device, which automatically transmits, via the global system for mobile, real-time blood glucose readings to the patient’s care provider.
 The use of the monitor will significantly improve the collection of an individual’s blood glucose data and their self-management of the condition. The monitor will have a beneficial effect on the speed of response for diabetic children and for older patients, where a specialist is not immediately available to visit.  It will be of particular help in cases of gestational diabetes, reducing to a minimum the frequent visits usually required of mother to the surgery or hospital, with the comfort a specialist diabetic nurse is viewing the result in real-time.
Diabetes Complete Care Ltd currently provides patient-centered training to people living with diabetes, and renders practical educational diabetes programs, to nurses, doctors, and carers’. Some of these courses offer RCN and RCGP accreditation. 
 DCC’s Commercial Director, Maureen Chadwick, believes that this collaboration will result in the two companies being able to offer a more efficient and healthier lifestyle for patients and their professionals and carers’.   Maureen is passionate about the care and welfare of the elderly living in remote areas, who suffer from diabetes and who don’t have easy access to their surgery.  She believes that this monitor will provide peace of mind to them and to others suffering from the condition, knowing that their glucose readings are being immediately fed to their carers’, for advice when necessary.  The process can reduce diabetes-related appointments, taking pressure off the surgery, nurses and doctors alike.
 Maureen believes that this collaboration could see a significant step forward in NHS diabetes care.
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