The three wise monkeys


I recently had a conversation with a lady regarding her diabetes and we went over her control, diet and general lifestyle or if you prefer ‘behaviour’, she felt she had been receiving misinformation.

 It occurred to me how each and every one of us takes on the role of one of ‘the three wise monkeys’, with or without a long-term condition, in all we do.


As a Healthcare Professional, it could be that when reviewing a patient they can see or anticipate the outcome of poor control.

As the person with diabetes, you may not always see or know what the problem is or how to anticipate the problem?


The person with diabetes because for many reasons may find sitting in front of a Health Professional stressful so does not hear the relevant information given with support and assistance in mind.

The Healthcare Professional may feel frustration as it appears the person is willfully ignoring advice but always take a step back and sit in their shoes.


Sometimes the person with diabetes, receives conflicting advice, as happened with the lady. This left her asking the question – who do I believe?
I then think and ask myself, how a many numbers of people feel the same and get lost in the system?

 There are those who take up the title of Diabetes Nurse, and I know as someone who as worked and practiced in Diabetes for over 20 years you cannot know or have experienced everything. If I doubt myself I always talk it through with the person involved and let them know I will check with a colleague and get back – I always follow up.

Healthcare Professionals and patients always get a better outcome with honesty, the time taken, the simplicity of facts and an acceptance that sometimes we may not know everything. We may find ourselves repeating advice more than once – If it’s the same advice then delve deeper.

 Those living with diabetes who feel you still do not understand ask yourselves what you don’t understand? Write it down – ask again at your next one to one appointment. Stressing what you are not understanding – no one will think you are foolish – it sometimes takes being told in a different way for you to accept and comprehend.

 Look for other means of information – Diabetes UK is filled with researched advice and patient-centred. They even have a Careline.

 Always remember you live with diabetes your Healthcare Professional more often or not, will not!

 So take ownership be in control of you. You will find by doing so you will be in charge of your diabetes not diabetes in charge of you.

 Your Healthcare Professional is there as a guest in your care but they will wholeheartedly support you with this, nothing gives me greater satisfaction than when someone comes to see me and they tell me what is going on with your diabetes.

© 25 July 2014 MC

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