We Care 4 Feet – Over 55’s

Taken from the foreword of the recently published NHS North West Coast Strategic Clinical Network – Diabetes Footcare Pathway Blueprint (2017)
“With a 5-year mortality rate of more than 50% in diabetes patients with foot ulcers and 80% in patients who have a diabetes-related amputation, diabetes foot ulcer 5-year mortality rates are similar or even worse than many types of common cancers (Armstrong DG, Wrobel J, Robbins JM. Int Wound J. 2007 Dec; 4(4): 286-7), (Diabetes Foot NICE NG19 Guidance).”
Diabetes is the most common cause of amputation, with more than 135 diabetes-related amputations per week. Up to 70% of people who have had an amputation will die within 5 years of having an amputation.
Diabetes is a progressive condition and relies very much on recognition of early signs of changes that in turn creates complications.
Diabetes Complete Care using NHS guidance and management is ready to provide a proactive foot care service using the combination of pedicure skills and that of a Diabetes Practitioner ensuring early identification and/or avoidance of foot related problems, by making the appropriate relevant referrals to the persons own GP.
Ensuring the receipt of up to date diabetes education to the person for their own self-care management.
Service provides:
Pedicure, filing of nails gentle exfoliating of hard skin
Footcare assessment, following diabetes protocol (on a 6-8 week turn around approx.)
Diabetes Annual, follow-ups and medication reviews with GP feedback for referrals and prescription alterations
Diabetes assessments and medications reviews will be fed back to the person’s own GP for alterations
Appropriate for:
The over 55’s living independently, either within or outside of managed care with diabetes or any other long-term condition
Venepuncture for routine Diabetes Annual review and Follow-up blood – HbA1c, to be carried out in the usual way, clinical blood results will be required.
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